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Our Impact

Positively Impacting our Community 

Every day almost 200,000 kids in Maryland leave school with nowhere to go. They risk being unsupervised, unguided and unsafe. These hours are a critical time for all youth -a time of risk to youth's health and safety, or a time that can represent an opportunity to learn and grow through quality after-school programs. For nearly 30 years BGCAA has positively changed the lives of youth living in Anne Arundel County reaching more than 2,200 youth annually through membership and outreach in sixClubhouses.BGCAA’s Clubhousesare strategically located in communities identified to have a high concentration of poverty, including Low/Moderate Income Housing Communities and Subsidized Housing Communities.

This past school year....

We served 2200 Youth

800 through membership

1400 through youth outreach 


received free/reduced school lunch


of the youth we reached were under the age of 12


minority races or ethnicity


lived in a single parent or alternative custody household

Getting Results

At BGCAA, we work with youth, but we build adults. BGCA partnered with the Search Institute on a study to identify core Club practices that are instrumental to fostering high-quality youth development. These were synthesized into the Five Key Elements for Positive Youth Development and became central to Formula for Impact. Over time, BGCA developed National Youth Outcomes Initiative member survey questions to capture members’ perceptions of the Club Experience.


In 2018, BGCA piloted a new NYOI module to better understand the social-emotional competencies and needs of youth.What we have found is our members make good choices, stay in school and graduate with skills and a plan for their future






Character &


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