Passport To Manhood

On Friday, January 29th, ten members of the Admiral Oaks Branch of BGCAA participated in the Passport to Manhood Graduation held at the Boys & Girls Club’s Wiley H. Bates Branch.

The graduation was the culmination of a 14-week program for boys from the age of 8 to 17 which focused on the specific issues boys face today. From what they hope for and what they need, to the ways in which supportive adults can help them grow into productive and responsible men. 

The program was lead by mentors like Board Member, Caleb Wolf, and Club Director, Travis Wells, who were engaged in every step of the journey. 
Mr. Wells and Mr. Wolf offered support, guidance and inspiration throughout the program. 

 The graduation ceremony included: 
  •  A slideshow featuring photos of the Passport to Manhood program and all of its activities and field trips. 
  •  Each member gave a speech about how the program impacted their lives and their unique journey within the program. 
  •  Each member received a certificate of completion as well as a gift big filled with toiletries and personal hygiene items. 
  • Light refreshments were served from Chic-fil-A 
  • Parents were invited to join in the celebrations and support their graduates. 
  • At the conclusion of the program the members presented Caleb and Travis each with a tie. 
The Passport to Manhood program is designed to instill in Club members the understanding, skills and strategies they need to make a successful transition to adulthood: Each boy is on a journey to himself and his purpose in life. The goal of the journey is for each boy to become aware of his unique gifts, seek ways to contribute to his family and learn how to become a valuable member of the community. As they undertake this journey, boys are encouraged by male mentors and peers and, at the end, return with a greater sense of self and purpose, an increased awareness of their own inner resources and a deeper understanding of what it means to be a man.

“I can’t say the program has made me a man but it has pushed me further down the pathway to manhood.” 
– Jassiel, BGCAA Admiral Oaks 
PHOTOS ABOVE - Community Service Project by Passport to Manhood participants. Beautifying their community with a fresh coat of paint on the playground benches and new flowers planted by the entrance-way to the community. 
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