First Lego League

King Squad Wins "Judges Award"

This fall, six members of the Wiley H. Bates Clubhouse competed in the First Lego League Animal Allies Challenge. King Squad, as the members named themselves, designed a project that presented a problem and a solution facing animals today. King Squad took on the challenge of pollution in the ocean. They agreed that some pollution is difficult to find and they drew designs for a robot fish that would carry a GoPro to help a research team on shore spot pollution. King Squad presented their project and 3D model to employees from the Annapolis Maritime Museum where they were able to have a conversation about pollution and how it affects marine life.

For the second half of the competition, King Squad programmed a robot to run through an obstacle course. Using NXT software, teams have 2 1/2 minutes to complete as many challenges as they can on the game board. King Squad, in partnership with midshipmen from the United States Naval Academy, created two programs that completed three challenges including:
  • Pushing a shark tank
  • Pushing down a gate
  • Pushing a milk dispenser to release barrels of milk
At the competition at South River High School on December 17th, judges awarded King Squad the “Judges Award” which recognizes a team for their outstanding enthusiasm, teamwork, and character. 
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