2017 Candidates
2017 Winner YOY: Sydney
Boys & Girls Club at Wiley H. Bates Heritage Park 
Area Annapolis Christian School

Dyamond has been a Club member for three years. She enjoys attending the Club and helping younger members with homework during Power Hour. When Dyamond is not at school or the Club she enjoys volunteering at the local shelter and keeping her community clean. Dyamond plans to attend New York University to study Business Management for Nonprofit. Dyamond’s goal is to open her own Nonprofit organization in the Annapolis area to provide guidance and higher education for high school students. She wants to make a difference in the lives of our future leaders. 
Personal Quote: “Don’t let the rhythm of the world change the steady beat of your heart.”
Boys & Girls Club at Admiral Oaks
Wiley H. Bates Middle School 

Shamon has been a Club member since he was six years old. He loves coming to the Club and helping mentor the younger members. Shamon stated “Passport to Manhood is my favorite program to attend at the Club because it helps me become the man I want to be.” Passport to Manhood is a program that promotes and teaches responsibility, personal growth and maturity, while reinforcing positive behavior and developing character in adolescent males. Shamon loves playing football, basketball, working out and playing with his friends. Shamon plans to attend college as a student-athlete and wants to open his own fitness center.

Personal Quote: “Confidence is the key to life.”
Boys & Girls Club at Bywater 
Annapolis High School 
Junior Staff 

Arthur has been a member of the Club for more than nine years and has worked as a Junior Staff at the Bywater Club for three years. At the Club he was exposed to programs and opportunities kids his age only dream about. As a part of the Junior Staff Program, Junior Staff are encouraged to be creative and innovative. Arthur took his love of art and created an Art program for the younger members called “Art with Arthur”. He enjoys introducing new techniques to the Club members and teaching them that art is a form of expressing themselves. Arthur will be attending Old Dominion University in the Fall of 2017 where he will be double majoring in Business Administration and Graphic Design.

Personal Quote: “Opportunities aren’t given they are earned. It is your choice to take advantage of them.”
Boys & Girls Club at Meade Village
Annapolis High School
Junior Staff

Ke’Asia started attending the Annapolis Gardens Clubhouse when she was eight years old and has been a Junior Staff at the Meade Village Clubhouse for almost 2 years.  Before attending the Club Ke’Asia was quiet and timid. She started attending the Club to make new friends. Ke’Asia loved coming to the Club to get help with her homework and participate in programs such as Smart Girls and Triple Play Leadership Club. Ke’Asia is very family oriented and loves spending time with her younger siblings. As a Junior Staffer, Ke’Asia enjoys playing foosball and teaching different dances. Ke’Asia takes a more responsible role as a Junior Staffer because she helps run the Smart Girls program that she participated in as a young girl. She stated “I remember participating in Smart Girls and learning about self-esteem and confidence so I want these young girls to know I can relate to what they are going through.” Ke’Asia plans on attending Bowie State University. 

Personal Quote: “Change is inevitable but personal growth is a choice.” – Bob Proctor 
Boys & Girls Club at Bywater
Indian Creek Upper School
Junior Staff

Sydney has been a member at the Wiley H. Bates Club since 2012 before working as a Junior Staffer at the Bywater Club for almost a year. When Sydney started attending the Club she described herself as shy and not wanting to participate in programs. Once she was introduced to the STEM and robotics programs the Club offered she started to come out of her shell. Sydney started attending STEM and robotics conferences and camps with the Club. Sydney credits the Club for her applying and getting accepted into the STEM Program at her school. Sydney is also a student athlete that participates in three varsity team sports at her school (soccer, basketball, and lacrosse). Sydney is also a member of her Student Government and a member of three National Honor’s Societies at her school. Sydney was recognized by Anne Arundel County as one of the 2017 High School Outstanding Student Achievers. Sydney plans to attend an Ivy League school such as Columbia University to study Pre-Med and become an Obstetrician. 

Personal Quote: “Leadership is a privilege to better the lives of others. It is not an opportunity to satisfy personal greed.” – Maui Kibaki
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