Where Are They Now? 
Desmond Beggarly 
2013 & 2015 BGCAA Youth of the Year 
and Maryland YOY Winner

Desmond Beggarly, a native of Southeast D.C. and a former resident of Freetown Village attended the Boys & Girls Clubs of Annapolis & Anne Arundel County (BGCAA) for over 11 years and is a former Junior Staff member. During his experience at the Club gained a wealth of beneficial information that helped him to become the person he is today. He participated in the robotics program and was a part of the Freetown Village Keystone Club where he held every position including President. He learned the value of teamwork and friendship while playing basketball, baseball, and football for the club.

Desmond currently resides in Maryland and is a freshmen at the University of Maryland College Park. He is studying to receive a degree in Criminal Justice and is projected to graduate in 2019. When Desmond is away from his school and/or on his college break, you may find him visiting the Freetown Village Club volunteering and giving back to his community. When Desmond was asked “What advice would you give current BGCAA club members”? Desmond stated “I would stress the importance of studying in school and getting good grades. Also, if you find what makes you happy and strive to find a career that involves what you love to do, you will become successful in the long run”.    
Danae Cannedy 
2014 BGCAA Youth of the Year

Danae is a native of Pasadena, Maryland and attended the Boys & Girls Clubs of Annapolis & Anne Arundel County (BGCAA) for approximately five years as a member of the Freetown Village Club. During her experience she was impacted tremendously. Prior to attending the Club, Danae was shy and timid. However, as a member she was able to overcome her fear of public speaking. She was an active member in the Keystone Club where she provided meals to the community and also participated in the “Money Matters” program. In addition, she helped the younger members with their homework during “Power Hour”. By participating in many programs and conducting herself as a role model for her peers and younger members, she was able to blossom into a great leader.

Danae Currently resides in Lake Forest, Illinois where she attends Lake Forest College. She is in her sophomore year majoring in Political Science and minoring in Psychology. Upon completing her Bachelor’s degree, Danae plans to attend a prestigious law school and receive a Juris Doctor degree to become a Criminal Lawyer.
Terrance Brownlee Jr. 
2012 BGCAA Youth of the Year 
and Maryland YOY Winner
Terrance Brownlee Jr. grew up attending BGCAA while his mother worked as an employee. During his time at BGCAA Terrance was impacted tremendously. The Club enabled him to see beyond the ordinary. He made lasting friendships and gained exceptional mentors. It also exposed him to college, field trips, boat camp, just to name a few. Being the Youth of the Year was an added bonus. This experience helped to foster his professional skills and boosted his level of confidence in public speaking. This also helped build the foundation of the man he is today. 

Terrance currently resides in Towson, Maryland where he attends Towson University. A first generation college student, Terrance is now a senior studying Political Science. He plans to graduate in the Spring of 2016 and then enlist in the United States Army to become a Judge Advocate Officer. His dream is to become a Federal Agent for the FBI. Advice for Club members: “Take full advantage of all opportunities. Follow your dreams and to never let anyone deter you away from them”.
Omar White
2011 BGCAA Youth of the Year

Omar White, a native of Annapolis, was a Club member and a member of the Junior Staff. During his experience at BGCAA, he had made a lasting impression on his peers and his mentors along with being impacted by them as well. “My involvement and the people helped shaped me into the young man I am today. I also enjoyed the Filmsters Academy. It gave me a chance to further explore one of my hidden passions, film making and directing”.  In addition, Omar learned a lot about himself and gained confidence in public speaking, while realizing his full potential in such that he can one day make an impact on the world as BGCAA has made an impact on him. 

Omar currently resides in the Greater New York City area where he is pursuing a career in Public Relations. A first generation college graduate, he attended the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill where he explored his love for the world of entertainment, lifestyle, and fashion. He aspires to become a positive light to the people around him and encourages at-risk youth to support their dreams by providing them with the resources to accomplish their goals. 

One of the most valuable pieces of information he learned while being a part of the Boys & Girls Club was to “just be”. “Be brave, be courageous, be funny, be humble, be kind, be confident, be knowledgeable, be silly, and most importantly be whatever it is that you want to be and do it with all of your heart.” Advice for Club members: “Follow your heart and live out your wildest passions regardless of what this world tells you you can’t be or can’t do. Hold tight to your dreams and go after them wholeheartedly.”
Wayland Mullins
2010 BGCAA Youth of the Year

Wayland Mullins, a native of New York and a former resident of Annapolis attended Boys & Girls Clubs of Annapolis & Anne Arundel County (BGCAA) for over seven years and was also a junior staff. He was a member of Bates and Bywater Club. During his experience he received the biggest impact of his life. He learned many useful skills such as leadership, public speaking, and mentorship while serving as the President of Keystone Club, the steering committee for nationals and regionals, a mentor for passport to manhood, and youth of the year. “I never believed I would be a person that others looked up to or given the opportunity to be on a stage representing BGCAA. However, I’ve learned that anything is possible when you believe in yourself” he exclaimed. In addition, Wayland was the second runner up for the Taco Bell Teen Hero Award. As a winner, he received $5,000 and donated it to the Bywater Club.  

Wayland currently resides in Baltimore City with his father and younger brother. His college career began at Bowie State University and then he transferred to the University of Maryland University College (UMUC). He continues to work full time while attending school so that he can help his family financially. He is enlisted in the Army Reserves and dreams of making it far in the ranks before he retires from the military. He also plans to give back to the community while uplifting those who need support and encouragement to do the right things in life. Advice for Club members: “Life may be a struggle, but don’t let your bad days change your character. Let it be your motivation to do better in life. Overall, continue to strive to be great and always help others along the way”.
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